Hi you guys! Brooke here of Pure and Noble with a Christmas DIY. I love adding a little bling to my Christmas gifts, especially since I use kraft paper from the Dollar Tree for all my wrapping. I love being able to draw directly onto the paper or add creativity in the accessories (bows, toppers, gift tags) versus the paper. Here’s an easy DIY for all you crafty Mommas that are looking to make big impact without spending a lot of cash.

Chances are you’ve been receiving lots of boxes in the mail due to all of your online shopping. Those corrugated boxes are perfect for all kinds of DIY holiday decor including these fun gift tags...

Materials needed:

corrugated boxes





markers (I used Sharpies)

ribbon (I used baker’s twine)


First clean all tape and labels off of your box and open box up so that it lays flat.


Next, using a pencil and ruler, make diagonal lines along inside of box. My lines are 2” wide.

Once your lines have been drawn, cut out all of your diamonds.

Next cut triangle tops off diamonds.

Then paint your favorite colors and allow to dry.

Once the paint is dry, add lines to create diamond trompe l’oeil. (I used metallic Sharpies in gold and silver.)


Using a thick needle, I poked a hole through the corrugated board and ran my baker’s twine (found at Target in their Dollar Spot section) through it.

 Using a black Sharpie, I added the obligatory “To:” and “From:” labels to the back of the gift tag. Here’s where you can play even more… add designs to the back of the tag, loves notes, etc.  

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