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Today I spent the first hour of my morning following my 10 year old around the house barking demands at her. “Eat your Fruit Loops!” “Put your shoes and socks on!” “Did you pack your dance bag?” Or “Did you brush your teeth yet?” By the time 7:15 rolled around I was tired of hearing my voice, and I am sure she was too. I was trying to explain to her that if she can get these tasks done on her own I would stop nagging her. Instead, there is no sense of urgency. She was sitting there reading a book, half dressed, while the clock ticked away and the school hour approached. Then I came across this quote on Pinterest and it made me reflect on my actions. I often think I am too hard on my daughter, but then the voice inside my head says, "Well, someone needs to teach her to be self sufficient.” I wish I was that soft-spoken mother with the patience of a saint, but I'm not. I'm loud, opinionated and have been known to drop an F-Bomb here and there. I think I need to relax and let my daughter get ready for school on her own terms and stop being so critical of her way of doing things. Would it be the end of the world if she showed up to school once in a while disheveled with unbrushed hair and teeth?

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