five things I love right now : Jennifer Vallez from Sophie & Lili


The term internet friends is weird I know. But I do have one - her name is Jennifer Vallez and based on her Instagram photos we live parallel lives. Our kids are the same ages and like the same stuff, her and I like the same stuff... if we lived close to each other we would totally hang out. Jennifer is a woman who wears many hats. By day she is an art director and on the side (I have no idea where she finds the time) she does these amazing custom watercolor illustrations (see my profile pic) and also crafts a signature collection of  dolls called Sophie & Lili.

So I had to ask Jennifer to share with us what five things she is loving right now:
1. Coach Car Coat - Out of my budget, but on my dream wish list!
2. Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial - It's got a very strong rose scent which I admit I don't love, but it feels like a soufflé and my skin seems clearer, softer & brighter.
3. J Crew Flannel Pajama Sets in Gray Gingham - I can't get enough of these!
4. The Fall  - A British TV Series - Jamie Dornan is scary good and gorgeous.
5. Anything by Ace & Jig - I'm obsessed with the fabrics & textures.

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