five things I love right now : editor's picks


Every week we will check in with a mom who inspires us and see what they are in love with right this minute. Since we focus on local moms in our magazines I would love to connect with moms in other places in this series...with the internet are we all really that far apart these days?

To kick this off here our my five things:

1. Lace Bralette from Target. I see expensive versions of these all over but these are such a good price.
2. BB Cream by Clinique. Light but fantastic coverage and has SPF.
3.Sport Tea available at Whole Foods. It tastes amazing and is so good for you.
4. Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York by Sari Botton. Funny and heartbreaking collection of essays about leaving...I can relate because I left too.
5. Coats! I love coats and long blazers. Zara is my go to - so affordable so it's easy to build a collection. 

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