crafty: felt bird wings


For our October issues we made felt accessories for each cover. Here's a tutorial for the bird wings photographed for our Dallas edition that would be perfect for a Halloween costume. You could do blue feathers and pair it with a blue bodysuit and be a Bluebird! Or black and be a Blackbird! It's a great project to do with kids. Here is a step by step guide:


stitch witchery 
1/2 yard fabric (I used a soft corduroy so it's a bit more sturdier than cotton fabric)
3 yards ribbon
paper bag

1. Make a pattern by drawing the wing shape pictured on a paper bag. You can do any size - measure whoever you are making them for.
2. Fold fabric in half and place the pattern. Cut around making sure you have two separate wing pieces.
3. Draw a 3 inch shape pictured above on the paper bag and cut out. This will be your feather pattern.
4. Place on a few layers felt and trace around.
5. Make sure placement is close. Then cut out.
6. Cut 2 inch pieces of your stitch witchery and place along the edge of your bird wing fabric.
7. Overlap and alternate your colored feathers about 1/4 inch and place the top edge to the stitch witchery. Then place fabric over before you press with a hot iron.
8. Continue with the 2 inch pieces of stitch witchery all the way up the wing.
9. When complete place both wings side by side.
10. Cut a piece of stitch witchery on the tops of the wings. Pin your ribbon over that to your desired length.
11. Leave space for it to be around the neck. Then iron the ribbon on.

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