let's go: the beach


Every summer we go to the beach. It's a must. Growing up within an hours drive from the coast and spending every 4th of July there as a kid is ingrained. For the first few years when the girls were too little to endure a long car ride we kept it simple and went to Surfside Beach outside of Galveston. The drive was short and the houses are cheap to rent. Lately I have been daydreaming of being oceanside with a book while the girls frolic in the waves. By this time in September the heat is daunting and we are craving cool weather, but what about squeezing in another beach weekend before the cool weather moves in? We might as well benefit from our long, drawn out summer here in Texas. I'm thinking a quick weekend at the end of September. Check out VRBO for houses to rent in Surfside (it's off season so you'll get a great price!) or the surrounding areas.

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